Earl Goforth: Inspirational Custodian of 30 Years Retires

earl“We are here for the students, they are not here for us,”  is the legendary quote of 30 year custodian Earl Goforth written in bold at the bottom of every WCHS Vision poster.

Principal Alex Ruvalcaba made an announcement over the intercom after school Friday, August 24 reminding staff to report to the front of the cafeteria at 3:30 in order to surprise Goforth.

There, he was showered with posters, flowers, and balloons celebrating his retirement with staff members, students, ASB, Renaissance, the football team, the cheer team, and later, cross country.

Accompanying Goforth was his wife, daughter, and two grandchildren. Earl was encircled by students and staff alike and was then presented with the many going away gifts.  Afterward, the cheer team said the Bulldog Chant and the band played.

Many came out to say goodbye. Goforth mentioned students from previous years stopping by as well.

“We go through so many thousands of kids here, but it’s truly worth it,” said Goforth. “I really appreciated the kids I recognized that graduated years ago.  In the last few years, we’ve really turned this place from a dump to a great educational facility.”

Principal Ruvalcaba mentioned that the campus will not be the same without Goforth.

“Earl’s been here everyday for 30 years serving not only the students but the school.  We’ll be okay because he’s okay… and he’s retiring.  Just look at how many people showed up to say goodbye.  All the tears.  It’s just amazing,” said Ruvalcaba.

Goforth has been dedicated to WCHS all 30 years of his employment here.

“He’s leaving us a legacy,” said Vice Principal Roni Lui, “He’s one of the hardest working people here I know.  He’ll truly be missed.”

Teachers that see Goforth outside of school said that they would miss him.

“I live right by him, so I’ll see him all the time, just not as often.  I’ll definitely miss him though,” said science teacher Candace Franck.

As the crowd slowly died down, Goforth’s family started to gather all his flowers, tying down his balloons, and rolling up the many posters.

While preparing to leave, the Cross Country team came to the cafeteria to say goodbye.  Members of the team shook Goforth’s hand providing thank yous, good luck, and words of appreciation as Goforth reciprocated his wisdom.

Goforth’s family felt working at WCHS was the best choice for him.

“He couldn’t have picked a better place to work.  He loved it,” said wife Jeannette Goforth.

“I think it’s been the best thing for us, him, and the grandkids.  He’s helped and influenced a lot of people,” said daughter Danielle Goforth.

Finally, the Goforth family was ready to leave.

“In the last two or three years, this place has really changed,” said Goforth, “ I’m going to miss all the good repairs, but even more, all these great people and all the great memories.  You can’t always win, but you gotta keep trying.”

This article was originally published by Newsbytes Online.

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