Stephens Family Leaves to Colorado Springs

WCHS will no longer have the Stephens family on staff as of November 30, 2012.  Married Bulldogs and Boys’ Wrestling coaches Don and Shirley Stephens will be leaving to Colorado Springs in order to pursue a new life for their family.

“[We’re] really sad to leave, but it’s a good opportunity for our family,” said Mrs. Stephens, “Unfortunately, family comes before work.”

The Stephens are moving to Colorado Springs being that Coach Donnie Stephens now runs and trains pupils at his own Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym.

“[I’m going to] help train the fighters and operate the gym.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it,” said Mr. Stephens.

In Colorado Springs, Mrs. Stephens plans to extend her education further and possibly become a teacher.

“I’m very excited to go back to school, finish my degree in English, and who knows, maybe I’ll be a teacher! I will probably look for another secretary job though,” said Mrs. Stephens.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephens spent both of their high school and adult careers at WCHS.

“I have definitely realized that this school is the ideal place to be. It’s a great campus that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of. I’ll miss the staff, and mostly the amazing students. The culture at this campus; everyone is kind of like a big family. It’s very unique to see all the interaction here that the students are involved in,” said Mrs. Stephens.

Like his wife, Mr. Stephens finds leaving Bulldog country upsetting.

“It’s quite saddening. Considering I’ve coached here and graduated high school from here. This place will always have a special place in my heart. I’ll miss it,” said Stephens.

Mr. Stephens has contributed much to WCUSD.  He’s worked in special education, coached volleyball, and has worked security here at WCHS for eight years.  However, coaching wrestling will always be his passion.

“I have 30 year old graduates that come back and still call me coach! I’ve met many wonderful individuals. [Coaching] is more than just teaching them proper techniques, it’s about building them into better people at school and home. And teaching them things they will take with them for the rest of their lives,” said Mr. Stephens.

Coach George Munoz, previously a WCHS alumni wrestler, is replacing the Stephens as Boys’ Wrestling coach.

“I’m positive the team will go on and be successful. Having a great coach that’s taking over the program and traditions says a lot,” said Stephens.

Mrs. Stephens gave a positive final comment about West Covina and the school.

“Shirley and I both love the city and live quite near the school.  We stayed close to the school because it’s unique. There’s no other place like it.  If I had to pick one thing I’ll miss the most, it’d be the students, because that’s where I spent most of my time.  I’d just like to say, thank you, thank you! Thank you all and goodbye,” said Mr. Stephens.

Mrs. Stephens ended on a special note, “I’d like to give a special thanks for everyone who has supported me and Donnie throughout the years. It’s made a tremendous impact.  Also, I’d like to recognize the wrestling team for being wonderful individuals.”

This article was originally published by Newsbytes Online.

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