As of the latest rally, August 23, the seniors are in first place on the spirit board with 2079 points. At a close secobtsnd are the juniors with 1765 points, followed by the sophomores at 755 points and freshman at 539 points.

Last school year the class of 2015 beat 2014 for second place on the spirit point board. This year the fight for number one has become more than a competition, but a battle of the classes- juniors vs seniors.

At their grade level assembly 2015 class council announced a hashtag to raise spirit in juniors and show 2014 that 2015 is serious about the competition this year, “#beattheseniors.”

In retaliation to #beattheseniors trending on the Twitters of juniors, the seniors created #beatthejuniors. A third hashtag is now being used by juniors along with their original hashtag, #redscare, referencing 2015’s class color. During spirit week Twitter and Instagram accounts of spirited Bulldogs were filled with all three hashtags and a few prototype ones such as #beat2014 and #operation2015takedown.

“Last year beating the juniors wasn’t a goal, it just happened. But this year we’re ready. Bring it on 2014!” said 2015 class btjpresident Jessica Valdez.

There’s many theories as to why, as sophomores, 2015 beat the then juniors for second place. As of registration, there were over 150 more juniors than seniors.

“I’m not going to lie, they are so much better at backdrops and this year they have a lot more people for the Bulldog chant than us. When they beat us it really opened our eyes to how little spirit we have. They think that because they won last year they can get us again, but this is our senior year. People realize it’s their last time to show their spirit and participate- that’s our biggest advantage,” said 2014 class president Leila Al-Beitawi.

Before the class rivalry went too far Valdez took precautionary measures on Facebook addressing 2015.

“I know there’s so much negativity and hate going around about our class, saying we’re trash talking the seniors and all that, so I wanted to remind each and every one of you to be the better person. Have pride, but don’t shove it down their throats, be humble and carry yourselves with dignity, knowing that you are doing only your best and your best competition is yourselves. Uphold the principles of friendly competition. Prove that we are the best class that WCHS has ever seen,” wrote Valdez.

This article was originally published by Newsbytes Online.

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