Bomb Threat Causes Lockdown

P3On the morning of September 6, at 11:49 a.m. the Dean’s office received two phone calls alleging an incendiary device was on campus. The West Covina Police Department was immediately contacted as students and staff were notified to commence lockdown procedures at 11:53 a.m. After conducting a thorough search of the campus and investigating all suspicious items reported, WCPD deemed the campus safe for lockdown release at 12:43 p.m. School hours continued as usual.

“We understand that these incidents cause anxiety in our students, staff, and community. We hope everyone understands that when it comes to our safety, every precaution needs to be taken. I want to thank everyone for responding so diligently,” wrote Principal Alex Ruvalcaba in an email sent to all staff.

Sixty-one students were pulled out of school immediately following release, a small number compared to the over 300 students pulled after a lockdown two years ago.

“I do feel safe about my daughter going back on campus. Administration handled the situation effectively,” said Bulldog parent Alisha Guin, “However, the communication process in which the campus uses to alert parents about these situations is through home phones. Most parents are at work or only have their cell on them. Kids respond by texting their parents. It would be great if the school can initiate a way to text parents in conjunction with the home phone messages.”

Throughout campus security and WCPD’s search teachers and student were found to be following the discussed lockdown procedure correctly.

“We understand some things didn’t go exactly as planned. This is a learning opportunity, so please share any feedback you might have,” ended Ruvalcaba’s email.

This article was originally posted by Newsbytes Online.

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