Bulldogs Losing Lui

IMG_1073Every day at Bulldog Country you can catch Assistant Principal Roni Lui at her desk helping someone, in the main office making colleagues smile, popping into a classroom to observe, or in the quad during breaks among students.

WCHS will be losing Lui for the new semester. There is so much she’ll miss about being a part of the staff.

“The first thing that comes to mind is the time I’ve spent here with all the kids, families, and teachers. My heart and soul has been here at Bulldog Country. The students and teachers have always been my inspiration,” said Lui.

Lui will be pursuing a new career at the district level in the Monrovia school district as Director of Curriculum and Instruction starting January 6.

“I can think of no one that has worked harder, is more deserving, and would make a better fit for the position with the Monrovia school district than her,” said Principal Alex Ruvalcaba.

Over her nine years at WCHS Lui has become an advocate for educational programs all around campus; ELD, Special Ed, and Intervention programs just to name a few. The successes of these programs and the transformation of the students in them is due in part to Lui’s help.

“She’s provided access to ELD funds that go directly to the students. With it we’ve been able to go on college trips, use online programs, practice with Rosetta Stone, and prep ELD students for the CAHSEE. Her making all these tools available has allowed so many students to test out of the program,” said ELD and English teacher Grace Kim.

Lui has left her mark not only on the school but individual students as well.

IMG_1072“Ms. Lui was my second grade PE teacher and now I see her nearly every day of my high school career. I remember when she taught us that cigarettes were bad and now she’s teaching us so much more. I’m so sad to see her go,” said Renaissance President Paige Peterson.

“Ever since I met Ms. Lui she’s been so willing to do anything to help. I wish her the best. She’ll always be a Bulldog at heart, no matter where she goes,” said ASB President Casey Shubin.

Lui has influenced many during her time at WCHS.

“With us she’s served as a respected colleague, valued friend, and trustworthy confidant to many,” said Ruvalcaba.

Not only is she a respected colleague, she’s also very respectful of hers.

“I had her as a Precal student at San Dimas High School. She made great improvements from her junior to senior year. It’s been so interesting to see her grow from that, one of my students, to the adult she is today, one of my bosses. She calls everyone by their first name, but never in all my years working with her have I ever heard her call me by my first name. She still calls me ‘Mr. Charlton,’” said math and science teacher Gary Charlton.

Lui has become a daily familiarity at WCHS that her leaving will make campus feel like something’s missing.

“The biggest thing people don’t realize is how much she’s put into this school. With all the changes in staff over the past few years she’s been one of those consistent faces on campus- an always-smiling, happy face. The fact the school is doing so well is directly due to her leadership. We will miss her tremendously,” said Ruvalcaba.

As the second semester of the 2013-2014 school year will have to push on without Lui as Assistant Principal she will still have the students and staff of WCHS in her heart.

“I am so grateful and humbled for everything I’ve learned working with such amazing people. I hope that one day our paths cross again,” she said.

This article was originally posted by Newsbytes Online.

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