Knitting Needles and Needles

pexels-photo.jpgThe following is a writing assignment for my Journalism 300 class at the University of La Verne. Information was provided by the Professor to write a story for a class assignment. Information may be false, outdated, or changed by the Professor for educational purposes.

According to Huntington Beach Police Sgt. Sam Pickle, La Verne resident Bobbi Smith, 23, was stabbed through the foot with a plastic knitting needle about 8 a.m. Monday. Smith was taken by ambulance to Hoag Hospital in Costa Mesa to treat the wound.

Smith was knitting a sweater in the back of a holiday cabin on Beach Boulevard near Highway 1 when a deliveryman knocked on her back door, Pickle said. In her haste to get to the door, Smith stepped on her cat, tripped, and stabbed herself through the foot. The deliveryman called 911.

“I really dodged a bullet,” Smith said. “That was my only plastic needle. All the others were rusty metal and I’ve never had a tetanus shot.”

Animal control officials said the three-legged cat, coincidentally called Needles, was unharmed. However, Smith did not have permission to have the cat at the holiday rental. Having pets in the beachside rental unit is a violation of state law.

Huntington Beach police has not decided whether to cite Smith for the violation.

“She clearly loves her cat, and that can’t be all wrong, can it?” Pickles said.

Frank McDonald, spokesman for Hoag Hospital, confirmed Smith was treated at the hospital. He offered no additional details other than to say Smith offered to knit sweaters for several hospital personnel.

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