Animal specimens face the light

The Carlson Gallery became a busy museum Thursday as about 40 people walked along the hallway, stopping to stare at the dramatic photo exhibition “Solomon’s House” by artist Sarah Cusimano Miles. Visitors were encouraged to browse the gallery and stay for an artist talk from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Miles’ exhibition explores the collections of the Anniston Museum of Natural History in Anniston, Alabama, through 19 high-resolution composite images.

The photos centered around preserved animal specimens posed with everyday household objects and fruit, creating an odd, thought-provoking juxtaposition.

Some of the preserved animals were photographed by themselves with a simple, black background.

Students seemed intrigued, some slightly disturbed, by the images of dead animals.

The word “uncomfortable” floated around in the air, being mentioned by many throughout the exhibition’s opening.

(Photo by Janelle Kluz)

This story was originally published by The Campus Times.

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