“People of the Willow House”

Update: I am currently working on fixing “People of the Willow House.” My computer crashed and I had to buy a new one, and I’m working on getting the files back. Thank you for your patience.

My first book, “People of the Willow House,” will be on sale soon. This photographic, research-based book focuses on the native people of the Los Angeles basin, the Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians-Kizh Nation. The book is split into four sections: before Spanish contact, missionization, secularization and the revival of the Kizh (what they are currently up to).

“People of the Willow House” aims to dispel the myth that Native people and culture are extinct or ancient. In fact, they are thriving and fighting against historical trauma. The Kizh tribe is working to become federally recognized. Follow their journey through detailed, intimate and one-of-a-kind photos of artifacts, landmarks and its people.

62055669_2378127252246916_2108476737837858816_n.jpg“People of the Willow House” will be available as a 12×12 inch, high-quality hard cover book printed on dynamic photographic paper for $140 and as a convenient PDF download for $30. Profits go toward the printing of more copies for donation to schools, organizations and museums within the tribe’s ancestral land.

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