What We Learned from Yesterday

What We Learned from Yesterday: The legacy of John Wayne at USC” is a comprehensive project on the John Wayne exhibit controversy at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. This piece includes interviews and statements from: students leading the movement, Eric Plant and Reanna Cruz; Cesar Chavez’ niece and Dolores Huerta’s daughter Maria Elena Chavez; John Wayne’s son, Ethan Wayne; and Native American SCA alum Lucas Brown Eyes. The piece also includes visuals of: the exhibit, items, a 360 virtual tour, a timeline of John Wayne’s life and a map of his influence.

This piece was created to and fulfills the requirements for the “Fall Immersion” project to complete the master’s in journalism program at USC. All writing, photography, videography, audio pieces, coding, infographics and other elements were created by Natasha Brennan unless otherwise noted in the caption.