The History of Tribal Disenrollment

Dr. David Wilkins, co-author of “Dismembered: Native Disenrollment and the Battle for Human Rights,” shares a brief history on disenrollment. (By Natasha Brennan, music: “Native Heat” by Edward Karl Hanson, provided by Epidemic Sound.)


This audio piece was created in part of “A Paper Trail of Tears: What it means to be kicked out of a tribe,” a comprehensive project on the experience of California Native Americans who have been kicked out of their tribes, officially known as being “disenrolled.”

This project was created to and fulfills the requirements for the “Capstone” project (thesis) to complete the master’s in journalism program at USC. All writing, photography, videography, audio pieces, infographics and other elements were created by Natasha Brennan unless otherwise noted in the caption.

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