PBS Native Report: Meet the tribal biologist of the Gabrieleño-Kizh

I’m so honored and excited to share the first of two episodes of Native Report (WDSE/WRPT) that my reporting partner Toni Reveles and I spent the last few months of 2020 working on.

In this episode, we interviewed Matthew Teutimez, Kizh Nation: Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians Tribal Biologist, about plants as medicine and his battle with hemophilia.

We’re ecstatic to be a part of the first episode of 2021 and the premiere of season 16! Please check out the whole episode and more Native Report episodes here! Share, like and follow Native Report (WDSE/WRPT) for more amazing stories!

This segment was shot and edited by Toni Reveles. It was produced and reported by me, also with some supplemental footage and b-roll contributions.

Click to watch our segment here: “Mother Earth: Meet the tribal biologist of the Gabrieleño-Kizh.”

Click to watch the full episode here: Native Report: Season 16, Ep. 1, “Native Ways: Health and Medicine.”

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