Native Report: Fight for Federal Recognition

I’m so honored and excited to share the second of two episodes of Native Report (WDSE/WRPT) that my reporting partner Toni Reveles and I spent the last few months of 2020 working on.

In this episode, we interviewed Chairman Andrew Salas and Tribal Biologist Matthew Teutimez of the Kizh Nation: Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians about their tribe’s fight for federal recognition.

We’re ecstatic to be a part of season 16 of Native Report! Please check out the whole episode and more Native Report episodes here! Share, like and follow Native Report (WDSE/WRPT) for more amazing stories!

This segment was shot and edited by Toni Reveles. It was produced and reported by me, also with some supplemental footage and b-roll contributions.

Click to watch our segment here: Fight for Federal Recognition: CA Band fights for federal recognition, full access to sacred sites

View the whole episode here: Native Report: Season 16, Ep. 7, “Mother Earth.”

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