Man on Wiire

University of La Verne artist-in-residence Rafael Liebich, on the Steinway piano, and Grammy nominated pianist Aron Kallay, on the toy piano, play “Man on Wiire,” by Isaac Schankler at the “Piano(+)” concert Saturday in Morgan Auditorium. The piece is performed using an accelerometer on a Nintendo Wii controller to adjust the piano’s tone. The performance included seven pieces using pianos, recorded electronic melodies and video installations.

Gregory Ramirez

Sitting center stage at the Steinway piano, senior music major Gregory Ramirez plays his rendition of “Liebestraum No. 3” by Franz Liszt for his senior recital Saturday in Morgan Auditorium. Ramirez played six classic pieces, including compositions by Claude Debussy and Sergei Rachmaninoff.